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"Cyndi H is a true example of a life saver. She came into my life during a very crucial time and has helped me to transition from a state of brokenness into a woman who is now whole, healthy, and healed. Things that Cyndi spoke to me regarding my future has begun to come to pass already and I am ecstatic. She is very intuitive and I recommend her services to my friends; to people I meet; and to those who I believe will benefit from her services. Cyndi H is an expert in her field of coaching." - Cheron K. Griffin Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, & Executive Producer of "Preachers Exes"


You are wiser than you realize and allow yourself to be.

In this life-changing 6 weeks course you will learn:

  • Why being clear about your desires makes it easier for the universe & others to assist with less anxiety and frustration.
  • It is okay and benefical to do the things that bring you joy and help you feel more at peace with your life and life choices.
  • How to stop self-sabotage and feel good about receiving. (In other words; becoming open to allowing more and getting what you want.)

​​​​​​​It is time to step out of the mindless routine of your life and discover your true self. The version of you that is truly happy, loving/loved, and graciously accomplishing your wildest and most amazing dreams.

Most women reach a point in their lives where they are discouraged, disgusted, and/or suffering a level of disillusion in their lives that causes them to retreat from their personal happy truth and live in the gray world of other people's dreams and expectations for them.

They became angry, depressed, and dis-eased. Or throw themselves into the chaos of someone else's life or due to their high levels of frustration create different degrees of chaos in their own lives.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so, how would you like to finally receive some insight that works and can truly change you life for the better.

Women's circles are nothing new; we have been creating them since the beginning of time. We need the comfort, solace, and wisdom of our "sisters".

What makes "Ask & You Shall Receive" different is you will receive loving and useful information that you can apply to your life and see real positive change happen over time and some times the change is immediate.

You will finally learn how to tap into your personal Goddess/Universal wisdom that has been whispering in your ear since your arrival on earth.

So, if you are ready to stop the madness and mayhem in your life and finally understand what peace of mind really "looks" and feels like.

Join us for a weekly sacred day and time of communion/communication with feminine Divine wisdom that nurtures your heart and soul.

Classes are available by home study and periodically I offer a live 6 weeks teleseminar.

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Ask & You Shall Receive 

6 Weeks Home Study & Live Series

​Details below:

A Course on the Law of Attraction - "What do you want?"

  • Allow Enchantment​ - When was the last time you laughed out loud or so much that your stomach hurt? When was the last time you truly felt amazed and thrilled about something in your life or something you personally accomplished? When was the last time you simply enjoyed yourself. During this sacred gathering we will discuss ways to enhance and bring more enchanting moments into your life. (The Art of Feminine Manifestation - Call in your blessings!)

  • Count Your Blessings - What are you grateful for? How often or in what ways to do you express this gratitude? During this sacred circle; we will step out of the "rat race" long enough to be appreciative of the little and large things in our life that bring us peace, joy, and love.

  • Guilt & Shame - How many times a day, week, or month do you feel ashamed, embarrassed, or less than? Whose voices are making you feel this way? Whose opinion do you value more than your own that is making you miserable? During this sacred circle; we will discuss ways to move past the opinions of others that makes us feel less confident, dynamic, or happy.


  • Joy - Joy, what does this word mean to you? So, few people use the word or if they do it usually in a derogatory way. What about you? How often do you feel joy throughout your day? Often, rarely... Never? During this sacred circle; we will discover how to experience the fun, giggly, and delightful feeling called "Joy".

  • Trust - Now, this is a word most people have issues with since they trust very few people or situations? They have been letdown so many times that they have given up hope. Well, today's discussion will go beyond simply trusting others and step into the realm of the Divine. How often do you let the endless and flawless wisdom of Divine guide you to your good? 

  • Uniquely You - You are precious and priceless in the "eyes" of the Divine. You and you alone have a specific destiny and gift that only you can bring to the world and create beauty wherever you are. Why are you hiding? Or maybe you have never realized how wonderful you are? Either way, during this sacred circle, you will begin to unlock the details of your gift and remember we need you to shine. Your "light" is one of many that leads the way to the magnificent life we all seek.

This 6 weeks course consist of:

  • 6 Live or Prerecorded calls (1/week) 
  • Unlimited emails to communicate with Cyndi
  • Weekly homework (Which will be emailed to Cyndi so, she may assist you with your progress.)

Bonus Study Guides:

  • Goddess Guidance - Sacred & Soulful Ceremonies
  • Creating Sacred Space (Prayers & Mantras)

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"Ask & You Shall Receive"

 "Clarity = Wishes Fulfilled!" 

Ask & You Shall Receive