Coaching is a wonderful tool that will improve your life in delightfully unexpected ways.

I am fascinated by the world of personal transformation and with over 17 years of working with a variety of clients; I have had a chance to really see what happens behind the surface of peoples' pursuit of their life purpose, spirituality, and romantic relationship desires and needs. 

​I have often wondered; what drives a person to repeatedly make decisions that continue to undermine their goals?

​The answers are incredible and really helped me to gain a better understanding of a person's thoughts and willingness to change.
​With this experience, I understand how to help you create a happy relationship with yourself and your life.

Coaching really is about building relationships were someone feels safe enough to be open and honest about what they need and why. Then, helping them make it happen. 

​As your personal
Spiritual Doula ... I bring over 17 years of deep, eclectic, and extensive experience to you. Together we work to make certain you are creating a lifestyle and relationships that support you.

Messages from the heart

Cyndi H.

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​​The Ideal Fit

A woman who is:

  • Single/Divorced/Widowed
  • 36 - 55 (Generally)
  • Open-minded
  • Spiritual (Not merely religious)
  • Ready to feel more at ease
  • Loves luxury
  • Willing to think creatively
  • Interested in exploring the Divine feminine 
  • Ready to have fun
  • Is ready to travel (Loves visiting new places)
  • At the "No Excuses" mindset - "You are sick & tired of being sick & tired"
  • Appreciates the value of working with a coach
  • ​Ready to learn more enjoyable and satisfying ways to enjoy romance.
  • Open to receiving more joy and pleasure in life. (Which includes fabulous sex)
  • Interested in improving romantic relationships.
  • Ready to reawaken and reconnect to full (creative) sexual power.
  • ​Ready to live and love abundantly and blissfully; to experience a joy-filled life