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​​3rd Eye: Sacred and Soulful ceremonies when done consistently; help you move through the chaos and confusion of your life more gracefully and with a level of confidence and trust that will baffle others.

They will want to know what you are doing or try to condemn you for seeking a true relationship with Divine that is more internally directed.

This book is your golden ticket to creating clarity, love, and security in your life. And so much more; learn how and why creating sacred space in your home will profoundly change your life for the better. 


  • Altar Creation
  • Simple Candle Usage (Color meanings)
  • Ritual Baths
  • Space Cleansing
  • Incense usage
  • Easy to Use Ceremonial Worksheets
  • Journaling w/ Wisdom-Inspired Musings

The Goddess Guidance Chakra Series:

Sacred Space Is Essential for a Well-Lived Life.

The power of meditation/prayer is often overlooked. This informative yet easy to follow book includes:

  • 34 - Powerful & Simple Mantras 
  • 21 - Need Specific Prayers (Love, Health, Prosperity, Peace of Mind, etc.)
  • 27 - Quotes to inspire you & use as inspiration for your meditations
  • Instructions for setting up your altar
  • How to physically prepare yourself for a more enjoyable & peaceful meditation or prayer time.
  • Incenses recommendations & a list of online sources to purchase a variety of incenses.
  • A brief definition of candle colors & their use for meditation or prayers.

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Live Your Passion!

It time to sit down with step by step instructions that will bring you closer to living out your best dreams. 

What are you waiting for?

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Stepping into your most precious and sacred self takes courage & time. You must learn to be more gentle and patient with yourself than expected.

Having useful tools to use along the way; can be very helpful.

This new way of living and thinking is full of ups and downs. But well worth the:

  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • And spiritual effort you will put into it.​​

Remembering, who you are and what you are here to share is an enormous relief to many women. 

Learning how to reconnect with the Divine Feminine is a welcome return home and allows us to be the spiritual compass/guidance we seek to offer our loved ones and others who depend on us for deep wisdom, clarity, and pleasure/joy in a world gone wild.

The books contained on this page are for you and were created for your personal growth and expansion. You will learn so much about what is important to you by first learning you are well-loved and important.

Click on the pictures to see which books speak to you and be sure to check back and see what new offerings will be present to support you on this precious and priceless journey back to self.

I am so proud of you and the woman you are so graciously growing into; you inspire me. Thank you!

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Crown: Divine Inspirations are the bond between your intuition and the untapped wisdom of the universe coming together to bring forth your greatness! 

The time has come to reconnect with your personal wisdom & spiritiual well-being. You are wiser than you know.

Messages from the heart

Cyndi H.