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By Nightfall

In The Afternoon

In The Morning

  • Girl, you're such a mess.
  • Pull yourself together.
  • Why are you so angry? Your life is so much better than most women's lives.

Is this your self-talk; day after day... month after month?

How many nights are you crying yourself to sleep or hiding in the bathroom crying in the shower? Trying to release this constant emotional pressure that keeps building up inside of you. Making you feel like you are losing control.

Be honest... Do you feel like an emotional disaster; a frustrated and hormonal timebomb waiting to explode?

Are you tired of hearing... just calmdown... everything will be alright?

If any of this sounds familiar then, welcome to a powerful rite of passage every woman will eventually pass through.

"The Change" or the medical term... Perimenopause

Now, not every women is going to feel the same level of intensity as the hormones change and we suddenly come face to face with life choices we made long ago that may no longer serve us.

Decisions we made when we where younger & before we knew the new most magnificent self we would one day long to be. Or maybe, for the first time ever you are ready to discover who you truly are and are feeling the pressure of annoyance and disapproval of others as your newfound need to be true to yourself clashes with their need for you to remain the same.

Perimenopause is a very femininely powerful time in a woman's life that receives so little praise and is often dismissed with drugs and conversation around how to minimize symptoms with prescription medication and/or surgery to remove the "offending" body part/s that maybe driving these hormonal mood swings.

Too often we are taught there is something wrong with us. That the strong emotions we feel are all in our "head." So instead of learning how to graciously flow with this newfound power and need for clarity. We become:

  • Depressed
  • Moody
  • Angry
  • Confused
  • Etc.

We feel guilty for not appreciating the good in our life and try to go back to the way things were; ignoring the "volcano"of emotions and deep wisdom that is waiting to be set free.

Well, I am here to tell you. There is no going back. Your more mature and exciting version of you is going to be set free whether you are willing to embrace her or not. She has been silently watching and waiting for the day when you were ready to love yourself enough to enjoy life and become the dynamic and unique woman you were born to be.

You have the option to rejoice or become "sick" from trying to hold all of this quietly within.

Either way, she is here to stay.

Have you ever wondered why we are so infatuated with women like:

  • Sandra Bullock 
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Halle Berry
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Angela Bassett
  • Madonna
  • Cher
  • And other superstars over the age of 40.

​Because, they seem to have found the magic formula for true happiness. They seem to have made peace with who they are in a very feminine, intelligent, sexy, and pleasant way. These women have gone through much to gain the level of success they have achieved and seem to no longer care what people think about them.

They live, love, and conduct their lives in a way that is true to who they are. And, if you listen to any of them talk about their life path... It all seemed to come together for them after some type of spiritual epiphany. A connection to universal wisdom and acceptance that had been missing in their lives.

Now, this is not a religious experience.  There is too much structure, guidelines, and guilt to feel free in most religious doctrine. I am talking about a real one on one relationship with the Divine wisdom that lives within each of us.

A wisdom that we were born with and holds the key to our success in life and love. And the good news is once you are ready to receive this glorious guidance; help is available. All you need to do is ask?

​So, are you ready? As the saying goes "When the student is ready; the teacher will appear."

Your first step is here:

Sacred Woman Rebirth Experience

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OMG... You're such a mess!

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