Anger... Rage... Resentment... Confusion... Frustration... Fear... Shame... Guilt... 

It all seems to be bubbling... simmering... under the surface of your poker face.

Yes, poker face, the smile and calm you display to the public; knowing underneath the smile a volcano is ready to go "Pompeii" on everyone around you.

You didn't always feel this way. It seems like one day you woke up in "shrew" mode and depending on the day. She is exactly who the people around you get... An angry, moody, and nearly impossible woman who refuses to be satisfied.

It is a wild and nearly overpowering desire to runaway and not tell anyone where you are so, can just give into these emotions and energies; giving yourself the opportunity to sort out your feelings and listen to the woman inside of you screaming .

"Enough, it's my turn! What happened to my dreams, fantasies, hopes, and visions."

She is "screaming" so loudly that you are longing for a way to release the pressure and at times feel like you are losing your mind.

Who is this woman? Where did she come from? Why... now?

Well, she's always been there and for years she has been watching you give away your greatness piece by piece until there was nothing left to give.


Yet, you keep trying to muster up the energy to keep giving; pouring from an empty "pitcher" into the bottomless cup... Seemingly endless needs of everyone else.

A client once described this feeling as giving "blood"... Her vital life's energy. She was left feeling empty and alone... Invisible.

Your energy goes to your:

  • Spouse, lover, partner... mate
  • Child or Children
  • Parents, siblings, other family members
  • Friends
  • Employer
  • Co-workers
  • Employees
  • Pets

The list seems endless and you are always in last place. It seems like every time someone needs something; your name is first on the list to call.

The phone rings and you answer the call, even though, you are exhausted and want to say no. You don't because you feel guilty. Why do you say yes?

Because, you are afraid... Scared. You are afraid you will disappear.... just cease to exist in the lives of those you think are so dependent upon you. You are worried that if you do say "No" and they figure things out minus your input: All the years of self-sacrifice have been for no real reason.

  • What if they really can function without you?
  • What if you could finally relax?
  • What would happen if you did have some free time?

​This may freak you out and truly frighten you. You haven't thought about your needs in years; if ever.

​And, what upsets you the most is... You no longer have any real idea of who you are outside of the many roles you play:

  • Wife... girlfriend... etc.
  • Mom
  • Daughter... sister... etc.
  • Employer or employee
  • Team player
  • And the list goes on.

​And facing this truth pisses you off... Yes, I said "You are PISSED!" And with this relevation, you can finally hear "Her". The Dark Goddess whose energy is the backbone and grace of your most compelling dreams and refusal to settle. The part of you you have been unwilling to acknowledge because, she encourages you to say what is on your mind and stop letting people "walk" all over you. And release the constant "good girl" need to please everyone before yourself.

Did you know the whole good girl pitch was designed to steal your idenity and squash your dreams and ability to really live and love to the fullest?

Did you buy into to the illusion that if you blindly follow the expectations of your:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Work
  • Religious beliefs
  • And society.

You would magically live a happy and pleasant life.

Ahhh... the happily ever after fairy tale ending.  Hmmm... have you ever noticed that you never read about what happens to the princess and the prince once the story ends.

No... They never tell what happens because, it is a neverending story. But, you bought into the illusion anyway... "brainwashed" into believing if you behavior a certain way you will win the golden ticket and your life will be perfect.

Oops... Too late... As you sit there simmering with pentup frustration and eventual rage that threatens to disrupt your "peaceful" life.

You can finally hear "Her" because, you have on a spiritual level said "No more." You instinctively know if you keep heading along your current path... You will self-destruct. And early signs of self-destruction may have begun to settle in. Conditions like:

  • High blood pressure (You have become an internal timebomb from withholding your true feelings.)
  • Heart disease (Are you suffering from disappointment & a broken heart?)
  • Diabetes  (The sweetness has left your life... Where is the joy?)
  • Excess weight which never seems to go away no matter your best efforts. (What or who are you building up or have built a layer of protection against in an effort to feel safe?)
  • Low or no sex drive (When did you let the pleasure leave your life?)
  • This list can go on and on. 

Now, I realize these may be tough issues to face for some, but if you are still reading it is because, you recognize a truth in what I am sharing with you. The time to ignore this shared truth has come and gone.

You have awaken a sleeping giant and she will not be silent any longer. She knows your survival depends on her being wide awake and helping you learn how to reconnect her depth to the light of her sister the Light Goddess; whose strength you have been misusing. 

Yes, misusing, the Light Goddess is no pushover either. But, we think the "good girl" syndrome is a representation of the light. This is untrue. Light energy has an easier flow to it, but has no use for self-sacrifice either.

So, now that you have read this and are sitting there in shock because, I have tapped a "nerve" you have been trying to ignore. Let's get real and talk about how you can begin the reconnection of your true self and the power of these "Twin Sisters" the Goddesses of Light & Dark.

How you can be "reborn" as a whole person? A compassionate, gracious, loving, passionate, and strong woman who knows her worth and refuses to live as a mere shadow of herself. A woman who has the peace of mind she is seeking while enjoying the ones she chooses to keep close and finally live her life's passion and purpose.

The Sacred Woman Rebirth Experience may be an intense cleansing time for some or a welcome trip back "home" for others. Each woman will experience it differently; which is fine. My goal is to help you find comfort and joy in the reunion with your true self.

During this sacred reunion with yourself, you will learn how to:

  • Create sacred space (A mini sanctuary) within your home to sit quietly to listen to your personal wisdom.
  • Purify yourself of the energies that keep you stuck in your current state of mind.
  • Meditate then, journal about the wise words and visions that have been waiting for you.
  • Stop your inner critic from running your life & destroying your initiative to move into your life's passion & purpose.
  • Honor yourself and remember the blessing you are.
  • Speak up and say "Yes!" to your delightful & yummy self. The part of you who is joy-filled, playful, sexy/sensuous, & so much more.
  • Fearlessly say "No!" to the excessive demands on your time. (Set boundaries & a schedule.)
  • ​Love your life again on your terms with a charm & grace you have hidden for years. (Being a woman is a wonderful thing; once you understand the "magic" & mystique.)

The course includes:

  • 1 - 60 to 90 minute Preliminary Call (To set up your course intentions)  
  • 12 weekly calls  - Where we will discuss some of the issues that you feel have been holding you back and unlock the hidden answers/guidance your inner wise woman has been "holding" for you. Waiting to share with you in the safety of our sacred circle. 
  • Call topics:​
  • ​​Allow Enchantment
  • Be Fearless
  • Forgive Others
  • ​Forgive Yourself
  • Belief Systems
  • Change Your Story (The Power of Your Words)
  • Dream
  • Gratitude
  • Give Love
  • Joyfully Receive
  • Trust
  • Surrender
  • 1 live monthly Q & A call
  • Unlimited Emails to reach Cyndi with your questions in between classes
  • Study guides and course book/s
  • 3 Goddess - The Divine Feminine - Meditations (Prerecorded)
  • 3 sacred ceremonies to encourage you then, celebrate your transformation.
  • Detailed course work and homework to assist you with the reconnection process back to your best and true self.



  • Chakra Balancing CD
  • Set of Chakra Stones (To assist in the rebalancing of your chakras as needed.)
  • Meditation/Prayer Beads

Extra Special Bonus... (Become a Published Author)

  • The opportunity to write a chapter commemorating your reawakening/rebirth experience that will be featured in one of my upcoming Goddess Guidance Inspiration books and be listed as a contributing author. (The title and time of release to be announced.)

This adventure is only the beginning and only you can jumpstart the process. Since the nature of this 12 weeks experience is so intensely personal. I have been guided to conduct this by invitation only; so, I can focus on the individual/personal "story" lines that will appear and offer clarity as needed.

This extra special extended connoisseur experience is limited to a sacred circle # of 12 carefully selected women. Women, who are truly ready to start on the path of clarity, compassion, and reclaim the lost parts of themselves that have clearly begun to reemerge. It will not happen overnight, but with proper guidance and a safe place to rewrite your "story".

This is the place and time for an exquisite life-enhancing journey to begin.

Are you ready?  

If you are, then fill out the form with your:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • And brief description of one thing that is upsetting you in your life and how you feel participation in this class would benefit you.

I will contact you within 48 hours for a more indepth consultation. We will cover tuition cost during your interview.

"I am looking forward to assisting you with the reconnection to your best self ever. Namaste" - Cyndi H. 

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