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Spiritual Doula's Oracle Readings

"Receive the Answers You Seek"

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the energy which surrounds you. Are you curious about what is available to assist you? Oracle readings are as old as time. Universal information has been interpreted in a variety of ways:

  • Spoken Word (A person who channels information)
  • Cards 
  • Stones
  • Symbols
  • Tea leaves
  • Animal habits & migrations
  • Nature (For example: Cloud formations)
  • And many other ways

Readings are meant to assist you on a deeper level.

My style of reading may include:

  • Oracle Cards
  • "I Am" Mantras
  • Inspirational Quotes for meditation & motivation
  • Intuitive energy (I tap into the flow of energy surrounding you.)
  • A 4 to 12 page Custom Summary Oracle Reading Workbook ​which includes:
    • ​Inspiration Quote or "I AM" Mantra to use in your daily meditation or gratitude practice
    • Summary of shared information for your records.
    • Creating Sacred Space instructions
    • Specially selected prayer or ceremony to assist you.
    • Crystal or Gemstone recommendation to carry with you or place on your altar.

Your reading can be very accurate since it bypasses the logical mind & taps into universal wisdom (Energy) which makes up who we are & every thing around us.

Allow me to assist you. I have been tapped in & turned on all my life. Seriously, I have been a "vessel" for outer wisdom for many years. It is an honor, I choose to cultivate.

It is a blessing & a privilege to be able to share this knowledge with you.

So, what answers do you seek? Where in your life are you feeling stuck or unsure? If you are willing to open your mind & allow. You will be surprised at what can & will be revealed to you. Information which can improve your life if you are willing to put it to use.

Curious to learn more? Fill out the form.

Remember your readings are generally 30 minutes or 1 hour & they include a 4 to 12 page pdf containing the information & instructions we discussed for your records.

Select your session. Once I have received your information. I will contact you by email to set up your private call.

Please be sure to include your phone # & time zone in the "Message" section of the form.

I am looking forward to learning more about you. Namaste,

Cyndi H 

Spiritual Doula

Author of Creating Sacred Space - The Art of Living an Abundant & Peaceful Life.