​Cyndi H believes in living life fully; embracing and recognizing the beauty, joy, prosperity, and wisdom that is the birthright of everyone.

She understands the ups and downs of living. Her life has been a series of uncertainty then, faith with a never give up attitude.

She has moved through many phases in her life.

  • A college dropout and at one time young single welfare mom.
  • To eventually enjoying a fun & profitable career in sales & business management.
  • To her final corporate job as a highly successful corporate sales trainer for an international weight loss company.
  • And now a successful entrepreneur.

Her life experiences read like an

"E! True Hollywood Story".

(Yes, she has even had painful & private moments of her life featured in

the local news and national TV

An interview on 20/20 to be exact.)

She understands the importance of being proactive in your life and maintaining faith in your spiritual guidance which enables you to move down those long dark tunnels before any glimmer of light appears.

She appreciates and enjoys her life; understanding that everything she has been through has provided the stepping stones to an extraordinary life. She uses this information in conjunction with the education she has acquired along the way.​

Cyndi is your: ​

  • Advocate
  • Advisor/Coach
  • Facilitator
  • High Priestess (Eternal Wise Woman Wisdom)
  • And your biggest cheerleader when it is time to celebrate your success.

She is the one who will help you with Divine guidance guiding you along your personal path of:

  • Creation (Your desires & dreams)​
  • Intention (Make the decision to make it happen.)​
  • Completion (The realization you have gotten the very thing or things you requested.)
  • And allowing yourself to surrender into a state of receiving the blessings and miracles that have been waiting for you​​

Contact Cyndi and learn how to surrender into sweet success. It is your turn to shine.

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 Client Testimonial: 

​"I am thankful and grateful to Cyndi in her various fields of expertise. With her hands on healing methods and coachng I have learned to recapture whom I am as an individual and learned to love and appreciate... my life. For this blessing I am forever grateful." 
Cheryl R (Entrepreneur, Realtor) West Palm Beach, FL

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