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Perimenopause can be a frustrating time for many women. Living in a body that seems to have lost its "mind" can be difficult if you only listen to mainstream advice & fears.

They want you to feel afraid & confused because, a properly informed woman is magical. Let's start by remembering that perimenopause is a perfectly normal life transition.

Perimenopause is actually a powerul rite of passage...  A wakeup call for women to reevaluate their lives & move past the mundane & with awareness plus proper guidance move through this transition gracefully & joyfully to unlock the positive new beginnings it offers. The Sacred Rebirth Experience is such an opportunity.

Can You Feel It?

  • Joy
  • Excitement
  • Laughter
  • Love
  • Peace of Mind
  • Positive Transformation

​No... Not Yet... Help!!!

Well, get ready to ...

Feel yourself come

"Back to Life!"

Cyndi H.

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 Client Testimonial:

"Cyndi Harris life coaching is the only one, of a few others, I have coached with who actually made a break through with me. 
Her intellectual but practical coaching made a substantial difference in breaking a very negative self communication pattern that was deteriorating my self image and beliefs. She was capable of being truthful and forth right in such a way that resulted in significant change in my thinking patterns, behavioral and even physical. 

Making necessary change is very difficult for anyone in general especially when the need is not so evident to oneself. We become molded over time in repetition of the everyday same patterns of doing and thinking that we don't stop to realize what is happening until someone else with a different perception clearly sees through us.

Cyndi Harris' ability to clearly pinpoint these things in me has created lasting positive change. Thank you Cyndi Harris"  - 

​Letty Sanchez, Fashion Designer "House of Sanchez" www.houseofsanchez.com

Messages from the heart

"I Am Loved, Peaceful, & Prosperous"

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The Sacred Woman 

Rebirth Experience 

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This coaching series may be an intense cleansing time for some or a welcome trip back "home" for others.

Each woman will experience it differently; which is fine. My goal is to help you find comfort and joy in the reunion with your true self.

During this 12 weeks reunion with yourself, you will learn how to:

  • Create sacred space (A mini sanctuary) within your home to sit quietly to listen to your personal wisdom.
  • Cleanse yourself of the energies that keep you stuck in your current state of mind.
  • Meditate then, journal about the wise words and visions that have been waiting for you.
  • Stop your inner critic from running your life & destroying your initiative to move into your life's passion & purpose.
  • Honor yourself and remember the blessing you are.
  • Speak up and say "Yes!" to your delightful & yummy self. The part of you who is joy-filled, playful, sexy/sensuous, & so much more.
  • Fearlessly say "No!" to the excessive demands on your time. (Set boundaries & a schedule.)
  • ​Love your life again on your terms with a charm & grace you have hidden for years. (Being a woman is a wonderful thing; once you understand the "magic" & mystique.)